The Preppy Whale

Designed in collaboration with Own Way Professional Dede Griesbauer

Where Is Wally

Minimalistic and classy, you'll be sure to turn heads in this kit

Simple, bold, fun.


Show off your obsession with bikes

Always follow the n plus one rule

We work only within the boundaries of your imagination.

Fully customized designs and patterns.

Innovation, creative design and custom fit.

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Whether you are team of one or many, your needs and expectations from your gear is a personalized subject. At Own Way Apparel, we will work with you to fully understand those needs. From the cut of the pattern to the look and feel of the design, we'll make your vision a reality.
Kyle Pease Foundation T-Shirt Image

Kyle Pease Foundation T-Shirt

Portion of proceeds to the KP foundation


Comfortable Cotton Tee
Kyle Pease Foundation Hoodie Image

Kyle Pease Foundation Hoodie

Portion of proceeds go to the KP Foundation


Cotton Hoodie Sweatshirt
Kyle Pease Foundation Decal Image

Kyle Pease Foundation Decal

Support the KP Foundation


Portion of proceeds go to the foundation. Decals are 5" with white border.
Go Your Own Way Super Soft Tee Image

Go Your Own Way Super Soft Tee

As worn by UFC Hall Of Famer, Mr. Stephan Bonnar


There are t-shirts that you'll hunt around your house for hours to wear and this is one of them. Soft to the touch, but will hold its shape through many a wash. Our special blend feels great and if you need custom graphics we can design for you or adapt your logos and images for a kick ass look. Order one today to check out our quality and go your Own Way.


Oct 14th


7 a.m. - midnight
Own Way's mission is to help you get to your own ultimate finish line. Whether your next finish line is the World Championship or your first ever triathlon; you expect the best from your self so expect the best from your apparel.