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Mark of Honor Racing was established to bring athletes of all levels together as one, through endurance based training/racing. We race to honor those who exemplify true heroism to us. We remember those heroes who have lived before us, by keeping their name spoken through the winds of time.

Olin Lester

Olin Lester

"Short story.

I first heard of own way apparel through my good friend Jeremy Brown ( Jeremy had just opened up his team store and I wanted to support him and his team, so I bought a basic kit (bibs and jersey). We were training to ride our bikes from Charlotte, North Carolina 500 miles in 4 days, to Washington, D.C. So I figured an extra kit wouldn’t hurt.

I trained up using Hincapie gear, LG gear, and the kit from own way. I have always enjoyed the quality and feel of Hincapie and LG, with no issues. BUT, then I found Own Way! Own way, from the first ride, was like reading an amazing book. The feeling leaves you speechless.

Fast forward five months and Bike to DC 2017 was riddled with cold and rain from day one. We rode 99 miles on day one, which I wore Own Way bibs and jersey, and then 118 miles on day two wearing Hincapie bibs and jersey.

After 30 miles of rain on day 1, I wrecked on slick rail road tracks, landing on my right side. The bibs withstood zero damage, even though I received abrasions on my hip and right butt cheek. And my jersey tore slightly on the right shoulder.. That was it..

After the rain on day 2, I decided to forego wearing anything else and hand washed my Own Way bibs in the sink, and then hung them up to dry by the room’s a.c unit.

Day 3 we rode 135 miles in the rain and again, I wrecked on a downhill, but this time on my left side grinding down the corner of my left foot, but again, sustained zero damage to my bibs.

Again, I washed the Own Way bibs in the hotel room’s sink, and hung them up to dry.

Day 4 we rode 125 miles before the rain was so bad the event was stopped.
Through all of this, my Own Way kit was the most comfortable and best quality kit I had ever used.

I am 41 years old and been riding most of my life. I have used numerous kit brands and liked and loved some of them. But none of them are as good quality-wise, comfort ability-wise and custom service-wise, as Own Way is.

Based on this experience, as I started my own Endurance team (, I have chosen Own Way Apparel to use for my teams gear. Again, Own Way’s gear and customer service is in a league-of-their-own.

Olin Lester
Mark of Honor Racing"


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Own Way's mission is to help you get to your own ultimate finish line. Whether your next finish line is the World Championship or your first ever triathlon; you expect the best from your self so expect the best from your apparel.