It's all about your power to weight ratio

We recently learned that Chris "Big Sexy" McDonald's favorite car of all time is the undisputed champion roadster, the Shelby Cobra. The premise of this timeless supercar was simple, pack the biggest possible engine into the most aerodynamic, lightweight shell possible. This is the perfect metaphor for Own Way Apparel's innovative new 226 Short Sleeve Tri Suit. Watch the teaser, watch it perform at KONA and customize one for yourself and do it up your OWN WAY!

TWO2SIX Short Sleeve Tri Suit

You've got the engine, enjoy FREE SPEED!

Making its debut October 14th, 2017 at KONA, the game has officially been changed.

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Oct 14th


7 a.m. - midnight
Own Way's mission is to help you get to your own ultimate finish line. Whether your next finish line is the World Championship or your first ever triathlon; you expect the best from your self so expect the best from your apparel.