Follow up on your #TEXASSTRONG Jersey & Bibs Order
Sept. 3, 2017
Thank you again for contributing to Own Way Apparel's campaign to raise funds for relief in Texas.

We realized while processing your order that we did not provide separate size options for the jersey and the bibs shorts.

Please take a moment to use the following form to re-confirm your desired sizes and please also take into consideration the distinction between race and club fit.

Since you have already contributed to the fund, you are not required to finalize payment; but please follow the cart instructions until the payment page. Do not input your credit card information again.

Thank you and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask at support@ownwayapparel.com

Paul Harrold

The Gibbs Family

Own Way Apparel, thank you for going above and beyond to support those in need. Stay STRONG Texas!

Shannon Houlihan


Thank you for supporting my beloved state and my hometown, Houston.

Erika Park


Keep Calm and Stay Texas Strong

Kyle Noyes

All of those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Amazing to see all of the outpouring of help and goodwill. God Bless Texas and God Bless the USA!

The Joslin Family

Everyone Impacted

Prayers and love to everyone involved..we should strive to continue showing the same level of compassion that is being demonstrated after this is over.


My Texas peeps

Sending love to my friends in Texas ❤️

Jen Rulon

Stay Strong Texas and let's SHOW the world how it is done to get back on your feet!

Jeff Anderegg

Texas Strong!

T Butler

To All the Texas Warriors!

Texas Strong!

Jeff Anderegg

Praying for TX!

Doreen A Rizzi-Mugno


Praying for all affected by the devastation. Stay strong AMERICA!

Dede Griesbauer

Professional Triathlete

3X Ironman Champion, 70.3 Champion, 12-hour Time Trial World Champion