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Sept. 26, 2017
When you decide to go your own way, you've committed to getting the job done. You are no longer concerned with conforming to the mainstream. You have made it your mission to reach your goals no matter what. You're an innovator, you are custom, you are an individual on the road less travelled. These are the guiding principles from which Own Way apparel was founded. Our team at Own Way is following their passions and helping to create opportunities for all of you innovators out there going your own way. We work with custom fabrics and patterns proven in the toughest conditions to match up with any design that your heart desires. Request a free design consultation and go your own way today.

Yours truly,


Chris McDonald

Professional Triathlete, Founder of Own Way

7X Ironman Champion, Founder of Own Way Apparel and Big Sexy Racing


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Whether you are team of one or many, your needs and expectations from your gear is a personalized subject. At Own Way Apparel, we will work with you to fully understand those needs. From the cut of the pattern to the look and feel of the design, we'll make your vision a reality.



Kris Cordova

My Ownway race kit is the most comfortable and flattering kit I have owned in 8 years in this sport. I've never heard so many compliments about a kit's color and design on the race course! The aero jersey is cooling and keeps you from getting sunburned during a long day of racing. This is the first year that I've finished all 4 of my Ironman and 70.3 races with no chafing at all (seriously, not even a little bit!). I also love the Ownway training bibs and jerseys. They are bright and beautiful and perfect for a long day on the bike!

Jodi Newman

I just raced IRONMAN Wisconsin in my ownwayapparel kit and LOVED it. Very comfortable, dried fast outta the water (important to me as I freeze easily on the bike). Plus zero chaffing and what I call, leg gripper creep! The leg bands stayed in place and saved me from that dreaded bunching up that almost all other brands tend to do to me. The shelf bra is amazing and supportive enough that I don't have to wear a sport bra under it. All in all you can't go wrong with this brand, they know what an athlete needs and wants. Top notch!

Jason Ball


I would like to give a quick testimony about my experience with my own way apparel. I have 3 kits. A silver a gold and a platinum. These are the most comfortable kits I have ever used. For a couple of reasons. The most important for me is they dry very quickly which keeps me cool. Allows my body to actually breathe in the summer heat and sun in Georgia. 2 of the kits are sleeved. I was apprehensive at first about sleeves because I didn't know how easy they would be to get on and off, but I was very surprised that they are super easy to get off and back on when sweaty. Another good thing is it keeps the sun off my arms. I'm usually cooked in a sleeveless kit. Out of all the 15+ brands I have tried. OWN WAY APPAREL will now be my go-to brand either for team gear or solo purchase hands down.

Matt Hanson

I have been extremely impressed with everything about Ownway Apparel since the first day I started working with them. Being a pro athlete himself, Chris clearly understands the needs of athletes and teams. Chris and his crew have been quick to respond to any question, have sought feedback every step of the way, and have made sure they are delivering the highest quality of product possible. It is clear they take great pride in what they do, and I have definitely enjoyed working with them for my personal training and racing gear as well as my team kits.



Make a statement with this bold and edgy design

Break out with your own style and break away from the peloton


Bring sunshine wherever you go with this bright and lively cycling ensemble

Enjoy the journey, celebrate your ride.

Caffeine and Hops

The perfect choice for those early AM or pre happy hour PM rides.

It's what usually comes right before and after an epic ride or race.


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