Thank you Irbys for your #TexasStrong contribution. Now we need your sizing and shipping details.
Sept. 1, 2017
Make Your Selections
Della and Danny,

This follow up is just for you as you have made so many contributions we needed to make a special ordering process just for you :) AND THAT IS AWESOME, YOU ARE AWESOME.

Please click the "Make Your Selections" button, leave any additional words of support and encouragement that you like (this goes a long way) and then scroll down and make your selections that correspond to your contribution.

We are so humbled by your generosity and thank you for your contribution and feedback. We realized from this feedback that we needed to incorporate sizing and shipping details in the process. We worked as quickly as possible to get this programmed and thanks to your input, it is now done! To help you catch up with your details, please use the provided forms for each apparel item to share your order details. Please make your selections (don't forget to consult the sizing chart), then use the shopping cart to check out all the way to the credit card form (you'll need to fill out the form with your address etc.) but don't fill out your payment information again, we'll capture what we need and put through your order.

Together, you have $1,150 in credit and please feel free to distribute however you would like with these parameters.

$250 contribution: any combination of jersey and bibs short OR one short sleeved tri suit
$150 contribution: one jersey OR one bibs short
$50 contribution: one tech shirt

If you need to make two orders (i.e. different addresses) the breakdown is:

Della - $750
Danny - $400

Again, please use the cart all the way to the credit card page and then we'll take it from there. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help with anything at all.

Thank you again from all of us,

Chris, Erika, René, Laurent and on behalf of everyone that you are helping with your donation.


Doreen A Rizzi-Mugno


Praying for all affected by the devastation. Stay strong AMERICA!

Make Your Selections