Professional Triathlete

Jocelyn started full distance Ironman competition in 2014 at IM Texas. She qualified for Kona and was the first amateur female in 2014. The end of 2016 brought her first IM win at IM Mallorca. In 2017 she accomplished a dream of winning IM New Zealand and has her sites set on a great rest of the year including an awesome performance in Kona!

Jocelyn McCauley

Professional Triathlete
"I'm so excited to be working with Own Way this year. I wore OwnWay kits for the first time last year and fell in love with the feel of them. Quality, comfort, and speed all wrapped up in these kits!"

Jocelyn McCauley

"Own Way apparel is made out of the most comfortable fabric I've ever raced in! It's so breathable and feels like a second skin. First race I did in an OwnWay kit I won, that's some good karma! The designs they have are amazing or you can do a one off custom kit! I remember seeing one of the designs for the first time (not knowing the brand) and asking where it came from. Simply an amazing company to work with whether just buying some product or designing your kit you will be taken care of!"


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TWO2SIX Short Sleeve Tri Suit

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Making its debut October 14th, 2017 at KONA, the game has officially been changed.

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Donate To The Kyle Pease Foundation

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Own Way's mission is to help you get to your own ultimate finish line. Whether your next finish line is the World Championship or your first ever triathlon; you expect the best from your self so expect the best from your apparel.