Craig Gilbert

"I am so impressed with the work of this company and I am so happy with my custom kit!! Rene did such an outstanding job taking my logo and my bike color and creating something that is unique. Oh yeah, and they went the extra mile to be sure my kit was ready for the first race of the season! Besides the great custom design and look that were exactly what I needed, the quality of the kit really shines! As a long course racer, comfort is key. The fit of the Tri kit and Cycle kit is snug but not restricting. No rubs anywhere! The pad in the Tri shorts is the most comfortable pad I have ever had in any kit over the years. The bike short pad is like riding with a pillow down there! Hours on the bike are no big deal with these shorts. Thanks, OwnWay, for making my dream of my first custom kit a reality. Zipper Racing is on it's way to a race near you! "

Chris McDonald

"Having Dede on our team of athletes is incredible on many levels. She is not only an IM Champion but she is an incredible ambassador for the sport of Triathlon and shares our vision of helping athletes and growing the sport of Triathlon from the youth level upwards. We both want to leave the sport better than we found it."

Chris McDonald

"We're excited to be officially bringing Pat into the Own Way Family. Over the last 18 months I have personally seen Pat develop as an athlete and am always impressed with his dedication and desire to improve as an athlete and work as a professional developing his brand."

Pat McKeon

Professional Triathlete
"Own Way was one of my first relationships with a company in the triathlon industry. Chris has formed something for athletes by an athlete and I believe it shows in the way OwnWay values the professional. I feel like i have joined and family not just a business relationship. It is something truly special and I am honored to be a small part of the group."

Lauren Brandon

Professional Triathlete
"I could not be more excited to be partnering with OwnWay for 2018. I absolutely love that I get to work with such an amazing group of people who want to showcase who I am through their original designs."

Chris McDonald

"We are extremely happy to be partnering with Lauren in 2018. Lauren shares the same values as us with giving back to the sport and is an incredible role model."

Jocelyn McCauley

Professional Triathlete
"I'm so excited to be working with Own Way this year. I wore OwnWay kits for the first time last year and fell in love with the feel of them. Quality, comfort, and speed all wrapped up in these kits!"

Dede Griesbauer

Professional Triathlete
"This will be my 3rd season with Own Way. The quality is second to none and each time I think they've produced the best looking kit they possibly could for me, the designs just keep getting better and better. I love the process with Own Way. I love the product. I love the people."

Paul Lanagan

"My experience with OwnWay Apparel has been absolutely top notch. Rene has been extremely responsive and helpful throughout the entire design process. The customer service has been among the best I have ever received in any shopping experience. Once the products were received, I quickly observed that the quality of the fabrics and the authenticity of the design was also incredible. I have used clothing virtually all of the big triathlon brands (and some smaller brands too) and can confidently say that the clothing at OwnWay Apparel is the most comfortable I have ever worn. The material is soft, fits well, and stretchy in the right places, yet seems to be well-stitched to ensure durability during training and racing alike. I highly recommend OwnWay apparel and look forward to using my kits for years to come!"

Jessica Jones

"OWN WAY is by far the fastest race apparel I've ever worn, but that's not to say it sacrifices any sort of comfort in the process. Doesn't hurt that it looks badass too.

Matt Hanson

"I have been extremely impressed with everything about Own Way Apparel since the first day I started working with them. Being a pro athlete himself, Chris clearly understands the needs of athletes and teams. Chris and his crew have been quick to respond to any question, have sought feedback every step of the way, and have made sure they are delivering the highest quality of product possible. It is clear they take great pride in what they do, and I have definitely enjoyed working with them for my personal training and racing gear as well as my team kits."

Jocelyn McCauley

"Own Way apparel is made out of the most comfortable fabric I've ever raced in! It's so breathable and feels like a second skin. First race I did in an OwnWay kit I won, that's some good karma! The designs they have are amazing or you can do a one off custom kit! I remember seeing one of the designs for the first time (not knowing the brand) and asking where it came from. Simply an amazing company to work with whether just buying some product or designing your kit you will be taken care of!"

Michael Gutierrez

Own Way and the McDonalds
"Own Way Apparel has been the best thing to happen to sportswear. From our team BSR race kits, running team shirts and their customer service this company has it right. Thank you Own Way for everything you do for the sport!!! "

Alex Burgans

"Own Way Apparel is simply the best of the best. I have raced and trained in kits from all of the "big names" and Own Way blows them all out of the water. The breathability is unlike anything I have ever experienced. And comfort? Don't even get me started. It's like you're wearing nothing at all (pardon any horrible visualizations). The design process is a breeze and they will stop at nothing to make sure you are completely satisfied with the final product. I would recommend Own Way Apparel to anyone from amateur to professional. They're an awesome group of people who are incredibly gifted at what they do!"

Dede Griesbauer

"Everything about Own Way Apparel has been impressive and professional. The design process was fun and easy. I gave Chris a few ideas, a few colors, and he came back with 3 or 4 really great options. When I picked one, he said, "let me make this better" even though I thought it was already pretty great. The quality of the finished product is amazing too. The first piece of Own Way Apparel I wore was a time trial kit I put on, on race morning for the first time (don't recommend that with other brands, folks!) and pedaled for 12 hours straight. It was amazing. Kudos to Own Way for doing it right!"

Jennie Hansen

"Up until I trained and race in Own Way Apparel gear, I had more or less accepted chafing and saddle discomfort as an unavoidable part of the sport, but I was wrong! The chamois pad in both my training bibs and race kit is second to none, I never thought I could be as comfortable on a bike saddle for long periods of time (and on consecutive days) as I am in them. I also love the fit of my bike jerseys! The race kit fits like a glove and feels smooth and fast, allowing me to concentrate on the task at hand instead of various places rubbing and stinging. I've trained and raced in many various brands throughout the years, but none have even come close to the comfort and style of Own Way Apparel - I'd recommend them to anyone!"

Kris Cordova

"My Ownway race kit is the most comfortable and flattering kit I have owned in 8 years in this sport. I've never heard so many compliments about a kit's color and design on the race course! The aero jersey is cooling and keeps you from getting sunburned during a long day of racing. This is the first year that I've finished all 4 of my Ironman and 70.3 races with no chafing at all (seriously, not even a little bit!). I also love the Ownway training bibs and jerseys. They are bright and beautiful and perfect for a long day on the bike!"

Jodi Newman

"I just raced IRONMAN Wisconsin in my ownwayapparel kit and LOVED it. Very comfortable, dried fast outta the water (important to me as I freeze easily on the bike). Plus zero chaffing and what I call, leg gripper creep! The leg bands stayed in place and saved me from that dreaded bunching up that almost all other brands tend to do to me. The shelf bra is amazing and supportive enough that I don't have to wear a sport bra under it. All in all you can't go wrong with this brand, they know what an athlete needs and wants. Top notch! "

Mark Clee

"Absolutely love this year’s kit from OwnWayApparel. Love what the name stands for as well. Sometimes you have to go your own way. I have loved all the products i’ve ever bought through Ownwayapparel. It is great fitting material that performs well and lasts a long time. Have not had any chafing issues with any of the products and they are extremely comfortable. They also are great at getting correct size as I have never had any size issues. Wonderful company to work with and I will not wear a race kit in the future that is not made by OwnWayApparel."

Jason Ball

"I would like to give a quick testimony about my experience with my own way apparel. I have 3 kits. A silver a gold and a platinum. These are the most comfortable kits I have ever used. For a couple of reasons. The most important for me is they dry very quickly which keeps me cool. Allows my body to actually breathe in the summer heat and sun in Georgia. 2 of the kits are sleeved. I was apprehensive at first about sleeves because I didn't know how easy they would be to get on and off, but I was very surprised that they are super easy to get off and back on when sweaty. Another good thing is it keeps the sun off my arms. I'm usually cooked in a sleeveless kit. Out of all the 15+ brands I have tried. OWN WAY APPAREL will now be my go-to brand either for team gear or solo purchase hands down. "

Olin Lester

"Short story.

I first heard of own way apparel through my good friend Jeremy Brown ( Jeremy had just opened up his team store and I wanted to support him and his team, so I bought a basic kit (bibs and jersey). We were training to ride our bikes from Charlotte, North Carolina 500 miles in 4 days, to Washington, D.C. So I figured an extra kit wouldn’t hurt.

I trained up using Hincapie gear, LG gear, and the kit from own way. I have always enjoyed the quality and feel of Hincapie and LG, with no issues. BUT, then I found Own Way! Own way, from the first ride, was like reading an amazing book. The feeling leaves you speechless.

Fast forward five months and Bike to DC 2017 was riddled with cold and rain from day one. We rode 99 miles on day one, which I wore Own Way bibs and jersey, and then 118 miles on day two wearing Hincapie bibs and jersey.

After 30 miles of rain on day 1, I wrecked on slick rail road tracks, landing on my right side. The bibs withstood zero damage, even though I received abrasions on my hip and right butt cheek. And my jersey tore slightly on the right shoulder.. That was it..

After the rain on day 2, I decided to forego wearing anything else and hand washed my Own Way bibs in the sink, and then hung them up to dry by the room’s a.c unit.

Day 3 we rode 135 miles in the rain and again, I wrecked on a downhill, but this time on my left side grinding down the corner of my left foot, but again, sustained zero damage to my bibs.

Again, I washed the Own Way bibs in the hotel room’s sink, and hung them up to dry.

Day 4 we rode 125 miles before the rain was so bad the event was stopped.
Through all of this, my Own Way kit was the most comfortable and best quality kit I had ever used.

I am 41 years old and been riding most of my life. I have used numerous kit brands and liked and loved some of them. But none of them are as good quality-wise, comfort ability-wise and custom service-wise, as Own Way is.

Based on this experience, as I started my own Endurance team (, I have chosen Own Way Apparel to use for my teams gear. Again, Own Way’s gear and customer service is in a league-of-their-own.

Olin Lester
Mark of Honor Racing"

Matt Hanson

"I have been extremely impressed with everything about Ownway Apparel since the first day I started working with them. Being a pro athlete himself, Chris clearly understands the needs of athletes and teams. Chris and his crew have been quick to respond to any question, have sought feedback every step of the way, and have made sure they are delivering the highest quality of product possible. It is clear they take great pride in what they do, and I have definitely enjoyed working with them for my personal training and racing gear as well as my team kits."

Erika Park

"Keep Calm and Stay Texas Strong"

Kyle Noyes

All of those affected by Hurricane Harvey
"Amazing to see all of the outpouring of help and goodwill. God Bless Texas and God Bless the USA!"

The Joslin Family

Everyone Impacted
"Prayers and love to everyone involved..we should strive to continue showing the same level of compassion that is being demonstrated after this is over."

Jen Rulon

"Stay Strong Texas and let's SHOW the world how it is done to get back on your feet! "

Jeff Anderegg

"Texas Strong!"

T Butler

To All the Texas Warriors!
"Texas Strong!"

Doreen A Rizzi-Mugno

"Praying for all affected by the devastation. Stay strong AMERICA!"

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